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Careers at Ecomax

ECOMAX is a balanced team of individuals with various educational background and interests who realize the ever growing importance of the environmental protection problem on a regional and global scale. Our company employs qualified workers and employees, engineers, transport specialists, incl. ADR, consultants, law officers and economists. If you share our mission and values and seriously plan to professionally develop in the area of environmental protection, you can send us a cover letter and a short Curriculum Vitae. We will review all applications, preserving our right to not reply to all inquiries.

Varna, Bulgaria
Tel. +359 52 694 600
Fax +359 52 694 800
Shumen, Bulgaria
Tel. +359 54 88 22 15
Fax +359 54 88 22 13
Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel. +359 898 562 834
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