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ECOMAX offers its clients a full range of technical gases and equipment for their application

Supply of technical gas

The full range of technical gases and equipment for their application is available at our station/center. We fill oxygen, CO2 and nitrogen in pressurized containers(cylinders and other) and deliver clients’ cylinders by specialized transport (ADR certified). The station is also equipped with facilities for testing of pressurized containers. ECOMAX successfully partners with "Messer Bulgaria" – a leading supplier in the area of technical gases, supplying its clients with oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and dry ice, hydrogen, acetylene, helium, nitrous oxide in specialized containers and any gas mixtures developed as per the clients’ needs.

Some of technical gases provided are described below:

Technical gases we offer


Oxygen is a colorless, odor-less and tasteless gas represented by О and is the most common element on Earth existing in two allotropic modifications – oxygen and ozone. It is part of many organic compounds and is found in all living cells and in non-organic compounds. When cooled to –183°С it forms blue crystals. It is water soluble and the lower the temperature of the water, the better oxygen's solubility. Maintains burning although it is not flammable itself. Oxygen content in the atmosphere is 21% by volume – i.e. it is third after hydrogen and helium. Liquid oxygen is attracted to magnets in laboratory environment. Almost all its reactions with other chemical compounds produce heat. As a technical gas oxygen is valued for its reactivity. It is used in the food industry, mining, metallurgy, in the chemical industry, ecology, health care, etc.



Helium is a noble gas represented by the symbol He in the periodic system. It is colorless, non-toxic, inert, tasteless and odor-less. Its melting point and boiling point are the lowest among chemical elements, it is the second lightest and most common chemical element in the Universe after hydrogen. On Earth its low density has led to its evaporation, making it relatively rare – a mere 0.00052% of the atmospheric volume. Helium is used in cryogenics, in various industrial processes for pressure maintenance, in welding, as buoyant in balloons and airships, to achieve low temperatures, to create an inert environment in autogenous processing of metals, in electronics, medicine, diving, etc. t. As a technical gas oxygen is valued for its reactivity. It is used in the food industry, mining, metallurgy, in the chemical industry, ecology, health care, etc.



Argon is a noble gas, a colorless, odor-less, tasteless, non-toxic and extremely stable element represented by Ar. It is inert at almost any temperature and does not form any precisely defined stable compounds at room temperature. Argon takes up 0,934% by volume of air. Argon is applied in metallurgy, electronics, as a protective environment for MIG and WIG welding, for electrical, electro luminescent and gas-filled lamps, in the production of lasers, in cryosurgery, in wine production, in museums to protect important documents and artefacts from aging, etc.


Carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide is a chemical compound, its molecule consists of a single hydrogen atom and two oxygen atoms – CO2. It is a colorless and odor-less gas with a density 1.65 times greater than that of air. Its content in air varies between 0.03% and 0.06% depending on the region. At a temperature below -78°C carbon dioxide changes its aggregate state from gas to a solid – “dry ice”. Carbon dioxide is water-soluble and transforms into carbon acid (H2CO3) and back to CO2 – the process is called "carbonation" and the product is "carbonated water". Liquid carbon dioxide is achieved under pressure of over 5.1 bar. Carbon dioxide is used in the production of soft drinks, Sodium bicarbonate, in fire extinguishers, in pharmaceutics and medicine, in the weapons industry, as a coolant in the food industry, etc.



Nitrogen is a chemical element – colorless gas represented by N. It is found in all living creatures, dead organic matter, seas and oceans, it is found in proteins, amino acids, nucleic acids, chlorophyll, haemoglobin, etc. Nitrogen makes up the larger part of Earth's atmosphere and its content is 78.084% by volume. It is extracted by gradual vaporization of liquefied air and is used for the production of ammonia, nitric acid, nitric fertilizers and explosive compounds. It is used in the food industry, in the military industry, electronic industry, galvanometric industry, cattle breeding, in the production of artificial fertilizers, for thermal processing of metals and alloys, in welding, blowing and creation of inert environment in tanks, etc.



Acetylene is a hydrocarbon, the least saturated alkyne, a colorless gas without odor, slightly water-soluble and a little lighter than air. Its chemical formula is C2H2. Acetylene is used in gas cutting and welding in mixtures, it is used in the so-called acetylene burner. Its burning produces a large amount of energy reaching temperatures of up to 3,000°C, at which point steel melts. Acetylene is an essential source material in the chemical industry.


Nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide, also known as "Laughing gas" is a chemical compound with the formula N2O and is a colorless non-flammable gas with a pleasant sweet odor and taste. Causes a feeling of euphoria when inhaled. It is used in surgery and dental medicine, in the food industry, as an oxidizer in rocket engines, in internal combustion engines – increases their power when added to fuel (nitro).

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Supply of technical gas
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