Management of Hazardous Waste
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of Hazardous Waste
We recover some of the most common types of hazardous waste in our own installations

Management of Hazardous Waste

We, at ECOMAX, are a balanced team made of experts with vast professional experience in the field of waste management. Our engineer ecologists, ADR transport specialists and economists offer the clients a comprehensive, profitable, ecological and legally compliant solution to all problems related to production waste.

ECOMAX owns modern technically equipped warehouses at which we receive, store and treat nearly 800 types (EWC codes) of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste. Our comprehensive permit for waste-related activities is as of 2014.

Our fleet of specialized heavy-duty vehicles is available for transportation of hazardous loads (under ADR) in Bulgaria and abroad.

In 2013 our company purchased specialized equipment and invested in know-how on hazardous waste machine utilization/recovery. Since 2014 we've been successfully utilizing some of the most common types of hazardous waste in our own installations in Bulgaria.

Management of Hazardous Waste
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