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To Bulgarian corporate clients ECOMAX offers flexible trade of all types of metal scrap and non-metal recyclable waste, including "on-site sevices"

Recyclable waste trade and management

To its Bulgarian corporate clients ECOMAX offers flexible trade of all types of metal and non-metal scrap, including "on site" services.

The company owns specialized equipment for dismounting, cutting, shredding, stacking, loading and transportation of metal and non-metal scrap. ECOMAX employs experienced staff who can dismount, cut and load scrap from any site, indicated by the client.

To its corporate clients in Bulgaria ECOMAX offers for maximum ease specialized "roll-on-roll-off" containers for recyclable waste collection in various colors and volume to suit the different types of scrap. The containers lend a neat outlook to waste storage yards of our clients and simplify the control over the frequency, quantity and type of scrap generated and later submitted for recycling/recovery.

When you work with us, you benefit from:

  • Excellent buying rates – following raw material prices on international markets
  • Buying out of a wide range of scrap
  • Immediate payment
  • Precise analysis and expert evaluation of the exact value of your goods


Wherever your company is based, whatever you sell, whether you are a trade company, an governmental organization or a private entity, you can contact us to:

  • Offer for sale specific scrap/goods;
  • Send us a sample for expert evaluation and analysis;
  • Find the best market for your specific raw material/scrap/goods.
Recyclable waste management
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