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ECOMAX performs specialized services in the area of environmental engineering

Environmental engineering

Ecomax performs specialized services in the area of environmental engineering:

  • Construction, use and monitoring of facilities and infrastructure
  • Construction and repairs or providing services using construction, transport and hoisting equipment
  • Maintenance of forests and landscaped areas – afforestation, green offset, as well as cleaning, shredding, mulching and composting of any undesired vegetation and plant waste
  • Services or renting of specialized equipment
  • Collection of samples and laboratory analyses in an accredited laboratory


Construction, repairs and services with specialized equipment:

Our company is a partner in a construction consortium - SSM-ECOMAX . And as such has the permits, qualified staff and technical facilities to perform construction and repair services for buildings, roads, primary and secondary infrastructure, etc.


Ecomax also owns a large number of multifunctional transportation, hoisting and construction equipment which can be rented on a long-term basis or for a specific task, with or without a driver/operator.

You can hire our team of experts (construction and road engineers, repair workers and geodesists) for any construction operation you need to perform.

ECOMAX provides specialized services of clearing up all types of terrains and unwanted trees, vegetation and plant waste.

Our specialized equipment cuts trees and shrubs and simultaneously shreds them into small pieces ("chips") to mulch, thus clearing up large areas in minimal time. The specialized attached toolkit cuts off mulching the unwanted vegetation and at the same time mixes the crushed pieces with the upper layer of the soil, improving in this way its characteristics.

Our company owns three main new specialized units (of different size and varied attachments for shredding and mulching) which achieve a capacity of 20 to 200 daa for 8h of work.

Our trained staff manually cuts trees, branches and undergrowth while the forest officers guarantee high quality of services and compliance with all legal and ecological requirements for work, occupational health and safety, etc.

With our experience and necessary permits for forestry activities we can:

1. cut, shred and mulch trees, undergrowth and branches in forest massifs;
2. remove unwanted trees and shrubs in grazing lands and maintenance of forest grazing areas;
3. clear up unwanted vegetation of old vines and old fruit-bearing massifs;
4. cut, shred and mulch trees, shrubs and branches and maintain landscaped areas owned by municipalities and factories, including plant waste composting;
5. for electrical distribution and electrical transmission companies we clean up, shred and mulch trees, shrubs and branches under long-distance lines, over cables and around electrical power plants;
6. for gas distribution, gas extraction and gas transmission companies we cut, shred and mulch trees, shrubs and branches over tubes/ gas lines, as well as around and within specialized sites and regions.

Laboratory analyses and monitoring

  • Air pollution emissions
  • Waste waters emissions
  • Noise levels /emissions, control and measurement/
  • Waste analysis
  • Subsurface waters analysis and monitoring
  • Soil analysis and monitoring
Environmental engineering
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